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The Vestibule, also known simply as The Vesti, is an internet message board on the IGN Boards system.



The IGN Boards have been open since 2000. One day, they started a subscription service for users known as IGN Insider, and later locked the boards only for pay users. After much outrage, they decided to create a trial board for free users.

The free board was created by Peer-IGN on March 8, 2002 and originally named The Atrium. After some discussions on what to call it, they settled on "The Vestibule". As a vestibule refers to the entry hall of a large building, so too was it meant to be an entry point into IGN's main board system. As many of its users did not wish to pay for access to the other boards, it quickly gained a culture of its own.

Alternate names[edit]

On several occasions, the name of The Vestibule has been briefly changed by board adminstrators. These joke names have included the April Fool's Day edit to "The Tinkle Pit", "Planet Vesti" (in reference to Pluto's declassification as a planet), The Restimule, and Teh Vestibule for a long time.