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Welcome to the Vesti Wiki

The Vesti Wiki is a source for all the relevant information about The Vestibule. All about its history, its users, and a bunch of random crap in between.

Feel free to make new pages, share juicy info, write down events, or add to whatever pieces you feel need additions and make this site into a great source for everything Vesti related.

Please do not ruthlessly spam crap or porn here. It's a real pain in the ass to clean up.

As a warning, you may encounter offensive content or stuff unsuitable to minors while browsing this site. The Vesti Wiki is not responsible for user-generated content.


7/31/2017: The Vesti Wiki is back up with a new database. Since it's starting from scratch, you'll have to create a new account.

Old pages will be restored from backup or replaced with new content.

Remember if you want to make a new page for yourself or someone else, just create it and add [[Category:Users]] to the end of it.