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FuzzDaCat is a former moderator on IGN. She is known for being Revan4206985's mother and being promoted to moderator only five months after joining IGN. Her title was "teh Vesti's Mom". She met up with a lot of Vesti posters and has traveled a lot with Albino.Apache. At first she was liked as a tolerant mod, but at times, she was much stricter than most. In a short-lived, IGN mod podcast, she was recorded saying that she "asked other people about spoilers to new games/movies, so she could ban anyone on the Vesti if she sees them".


Fuzz let Albino.Apache, a homeless and unemployed Canadian, move into her home. She had sex with him with her husband's permission for a long period of time. Eventually this stopped and he moved back to Canada. Fuzz asked her son to accompany her to Canada to see him one last time, and threatened to cut her son's financial aid off if he did not accompany her.

She came out as polyamorous so this likely wasn't a big deal on her end. However, when the Vesti found out, there was a significant outrage.


See: FuzzDaCat Riot

The first time the above was revealed, people didn't care too much about it. The controversy went away quickly, but it was revived when some of the newer Vestibule posters found out about it again, and rioted over it again.

Fuzz eventually got tired of it all and started swearing on the Vestibule, getting herself banned. To this date she has not requested an unban.