A rabid Game of Thrones fan - posted in nearly every Game of Thrones related thread. Also posted in most threads relating to American politics. Atomix is a Liberal Libertarian but often accused of being a Democrat or a regular Liberal because he hates neo-libertarians who are just angry conservatives with false monikers. Fellow mod Kiera2 claimed in December(?) of 2011 that he may be especially sensitive to sexism on IGN, but no sources were cited. Sometimes was known as the mod who doesn't ban anyone, which isn't wholly accurate, as he banned the Porn Rioter(s) often. Because of this the porn rioter(s) fostered a grudge against him and routinely posted pictures of a prolapsed anus, claiming it to be atomix, atomix's ass, atomix dad or atomix's dad's ass.

According to a post he made, he has been demodded 3 times: twice by request and once for inactivity. The last time he asked he was denied by -1313-Evil_Homer because he felt sorry for him. He also broke a mans ribs during the Clinton administration in a fight and Vestibros are scared of him.