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1.Another story I saw on Deep Web: I recall seeing a dude who bought a few 'servants' of a 'certain age'. He was training 'her' for about 5 years. After he got bored of her, he was selling her to other people who wanted 'servants' of a 'certain age'. Well eventually, this dude made a business of these 'servants' and he made his own with some of the 'servants.' Of course, most of these 'servants' would either die because they're weren't treated right or even 'unfair'. I believe the price on these 'servants of a certain age or before they hit the undesired age limit' would be about 100 bitcoins. I might and probably am wrong with the price but meh, I wasn't really paying attention to the details.

2.I been there a few times and I seen crazier stuff. For example, I recall seeing a story on how a dude didn't pay this 'helper' so the 'helper' delivered all of the dude's family's birth certificate to his door step and left a note saying this is his ONLY warning. Needless to say, he was scared ****-less. I seen deep web, I got use to it.

3.I sent this PM to a couple of guys so I decided to post it here... I advise against visiting the dark web

"It all started in that thread ... I went to bed last night fairly early and wasnt around for this shit...Crimson PM´ed me about what happened and after seeing a couple of threads about it I decided to check it out... I downloaded Tor but at 1st was unable to find anything ... I searched on my regular browser ( Tor opens up a different one in english since my main one is in Portuguese ) and after some searching I came across a search engine named "People Search Engine " which I used and eventually led me to the "Hidden Wiki".

There there were several links to different Deep Web sites (mostly illegal) containing stuff from CP , Assassination , Drugs ets... I clicked one of the assassination sites where there was a description which contained the prices as well ... I kept scrolling down and I felt really sick as I passed the CP ones... I couldnt grasp the notion that something so sick could actually exist and that someone would actually take pleasure in that... at this point I was starting to understand that all this shit was actually real...(not that I didnt believe it was ) but that it actually happened around me... I scrolled back up and found a search engine just for the deep web ( TORCH) I started by typing crime... I think this was when I found the "Violent Desires " boards there was a link that said "Real rape" or something [face_sick] needless to say I felt really really sick at this point ... I also typed cannibalism and I found a bunch of random sites I didnt have the guts to click on....

I dont really remember what I typed next but I ended up on the "Violent Desires " board again... the thread was about someone new to the thread... I dont really remember what it said... but then I looked at the 1st reply and the guy was wearing an icon of a naked baby... [face_sick] I freaked out even harder than the last time but I kept going and tried to go to the boards main page... I clicked on something and I the categories ... and this is where this shit gets really really really really really nasty...

They had categoryes for ages from 0 to 17 if I´m not mystaken both for male and female and then a senior for both men and women

then they had a how to kidnape and rape area...

And if this wasnt enough I looked at the last reply of one of these and the guy was named " DaddyNo!" as if he was proud of this shit...

I´m not faking this shit"

PS:Forgot to mention I quicly passed through the Silk Road boards... nothing too bad (drugs and guns)



I hope you realize the story about the guy fixing the computer and seeing the strange videos is pure bullshit. And most of the stuff you'll find via onion router protocols are honeypots for the Feds. You can easily navigate them without getting 'backtraced' but most people rely soley on TOR to cover their asses and they end up getting in trouble anyway (lol non-unique browser strings). Oh and is a previous discussion about TOR protocols and deep web stuff like Silkroad.

Thread on /x/ discussing Deep Web:

Another thread from 4chan discussing it.

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noudesu - someone put gay porn in my vesti wiki page so I got banned, cool story bro

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tenkaichi_rulez - 72 HOURS because I was "requesting PMs of bannable material", when all I asked for was a story.

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johnnyjohnstone - I did not survive Deep Web. 24 hours RIP